Shine Like A Star

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At the end of the month of March, some of our students and Apex-Tech comittees were having a wonderful gathering at Melia Hotel. Eventhough it's not what everybody expected, but the representative were having so much fun during the day. The guests arrived at 11:00 am. Everybody dressed so well just according to the theme, Shine Like A Star. Everybody look so fabulous. After everyone had arrived, we started with some delicious meals that the hotel served. It really worth at all.

At first , it was a plain party because everyone seems to be in formal attitude. Maybe they were in an awkward situation perhaps. But then, there's a band called SIMFONI performed on the stage, everybody started to enjoying themselves. Later the situation was getting havoc when everyone start to shooting someone using a spray string can.

Then there's a short break at 1:00 pm where everyone went to perform solat and other stuff.
At 2:00pm, we managed to play some games that the party committees had planned. The first game was Truth or Dare. The rule is simple : one must pick either truth or dare. If he/she picks truth, then he/she must answer as honest as possible when the announcer asked a question. It's quite a game actually. But some of the participants run off. Maybe they were scared if telling their deepest, darkest secrets revealed.

Later we have Musical Chair. Even though it's seems like some childish game, but we really enjoying it. It was fun and chaos! Alya was the one who incharged with the music. Everytime the song stopped, everyone shrieking and pushing each other to get the chair. And we end up laughing about it. It was really a fun game .

After that, THE RETRAL'S, Faiq's band were about to perform. At that time everybody was really energetic. Some of us just sat and enjoy their performance and sang along with the band. Then Amir Rasyid aka Shot performed. He sang a song along with Faiq's band. Everybody give a big applaud after he sang. They were very supportive.

Before we end our event, there's a gift ceremony for the winners that have won the games that we played earlier. The first game was Truth or Dare and the winner was Farid. He won because he gave the most honest answer when we throw a really hard and personal question. And then there's the musical chair. The winner was Mira Edora. She won competing with Shot, who really wanted to win the game. It was really a thrilled at the end.

Then we have the King and Queen. And the King was Farid (M1) and The Queen was Mira (A2). At 5:00pm sharp, everybody went home happily. Let's hope this event will have it second time in our future. Thanks everyone!


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